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Consistent profit through better labor management


import file

Import estimate data right from your estimating program or spreadsheet.

Manpower Chart

Highly accurate manpower loading chart automatically populates below master schedule for a day by day view of manpower needs.

Task List

Organize phase of construction and task lists in the same order the project will be built.

Completion Forecasting

Uses estimate data to project deadly accurate completion dates and required manpower for any portion of the project or the entire project.

Gantt Chart

The program will automatically build a master schedule in Gantt chart form in the exact order of your phase and task list.

Equipment Tracking

Tracks all rental equipment by task and time on jobsite. When it is time to release rental equipment you will know at a glance which equipment to remove first and how many task hours are still needed per equipment.

Rolling Schedules

Write detailed individual crewmember two week rolling schedules following the flow of the master schedule. Generate matching detailed material lists for each schedule.

Cost Tracking

Track virtually any construction cost including materials, rental equipment, per diem, etc. Includes purchase order template for issuing and tracking PO’s.

Timecard Reporting

Simple cloud timecard entry captures actual task completion time frames and compares them to estimate data to provide accurate daily cost tracking.

Payroll Reporting

Employees can enter time via smart phone or tablet making payroll reporting an easy task. At the end of the pay period simply print out payroll report.

Screen Shots

Estimate Data Import

Master Schedule

Equipment Tracking

Phase List

2 Week Schedule

Purchase Order

Phase/Task List


Summary Report

Initial Training and Support are FREE


$29.95 Month

+ $5 per employee

Billed Monthly


$79 / Month

+ $5 per employee

Billed Every 36 Months

All plans include:

  • • Unlimited logins as created by the primary user. One user can login at a time.
  • • You only need to purchase the number of employees that you need. Once purchased, employees can work on multiple projects.
  • • Unlimited Gantt chart login access.
  • • Unlimited projects.
  • • No setup fee.
  • • Free phone support for first 60 days as a user.
  • • Free upgrades during the term of the purchase.
  • • Free initial training.
  • • Convenient continuing training options.
  • • Billing automatically renews monthly and can be cancelled at anytime.

“Dennis and I worked together on several electrical construction projects. He was very detailed and appreciated detailed and accurate breakdowns. Dennis helped me to establish new standards of to expect from my foremen in the field. I like his production software and recommend it to anyone interested in upping their bottom line.”

Joseph T., Senior Estimator

Estimateguard is designed to provide accountability at every level of your business. Assigning tasks to field workers with time constraints based on your estimate holds them accountable to the estimate goal. Documented labor success holds the estimator accountable for accuracy. On time delivery of critical material based on the master schedule holds the project management team accountable. Data collected through the entire process helps fine tune future estimates for accuracy and quickly builds your competitive edge.

I have used this software on two large projects as an electrical superintendent. It made crew scheduling very easy and very accurate.Both projects completed on time in spite of some very difficult situation that were beyond our control and I attribute that success directly to the level of control this software gave us over the project.

M. Arevalo Electrical Contractor

The program has been so successful in the field for us that even our major utility clients are allowing us to use Estimateguard over their typically preferred traditionally known scheduling and project management software programs.

R. Gilbert Executive VP